Change Best Newsletter 6 .

Dear Readers,

ChangeBest is ending by the end of June 2012 after three years of hardwork; so now is the time to visit our Website ( and get allthe results!

To start a new company or a new business is at the same time challengingand exciting. The ChangeBest project has supported the development of newenergy efficiency services (EES) by ESCOs, building technology providers,energy companies and other companies.

In ChangeBest 38 companies across Europe have been supported. In total48 new EES have been developed and field tested. This support included astrategic guideline, advice by email, telephone and face-to-face meetings aswell as information exchange between EES providers at national andEuropean workshops.

Most of the new EES were successful and serve as good practice exampleswhile others EES were not successful. In both cases there were importantlesson learned for EES providers.

ChangeBest gives a detailed assessment of the EES markets withconclusions and recommendations for the policy strategy to support EESdevelopment, both in the European Union (EU) and in the Member States.

In Europe there is a large potential for profitable EES, even in EES markets atan initial or not well developed stage. According to a ChangeBest estimate,the EES market is expected to grow by several billion Euros per year until2020. Strong market growth is an important factor for EU to meet the 2020target.

This sixth and final newsletter introduces the findings from the 48 EES fieldtests and as well as our policy recommendations for accelerating the EESmarket growth. The ChangeBest project team hope this will be interest andlead you to our Webpage for more information.