Promoting of low carbon technology

International Projects

Activities, consultancy related with:
Risk analyses, risk identification, risk calculation,
Economical-financial studies for Power energy companies,
Financial modelling based on innovative SW tools,
ENCO International Power Energy congress Bratislava
Biogas plant projects, construction,operation,services

Training and coaching

Training programs focused on integrated safety management, safety culture, and implementation of near miss systems.
Developing training programmes for Power Energy companies, management training programs for utilities, Safety related training.
Certified body according accredit letter by Ministry of education, coaching program , safety culture training programs.

concrete canvas

Eco friendly and Low carbon innovative technology with 10 times faster installation time then poured concrete. Concrete Canvas (CC) is a flexible concrete impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable waterproof concrete layer. Construction Installation Process carbon costs also need to be considered. Concrete Canvas is typically 10 times faster to install than poured concrete so significant carbon savings are expected. For more info: or slovak site


Company Center for Energy Systems is a flexible organisation based on networking and effective exchange of information and knowledge. CESys,s.r.o., has following goals:
–  to support environmental protection by  enhancing the energy efficiency of energy facilities
–  to support implementation of all non carbon technolgies
– to optimize existing operating technologies
As a project management organization we are relies on the caliber of the best available experts in the region for our projects and activities. We provide specialized consulting services utilizing capabilities of our high qualified expert pool. From our foundation in 2002 up to now CESys accomplished more than 65 international activities.


 and many other organizations…