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ENERGY  AND ECONOMY CRISIS – SLOVAK SOLUTIONSJ u n e 9 — 1 0 , 2 0 0 9 B r a t i s l a v a , P á l f f y P a l a c e ,  Z á m o c k á S t r e e t

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

several days ago the 6th Annual Congress on the Power and Energy EN•KO 2009 devoted to the energy and economic crisis and their solutions in Slovakia, finished. Congress took place in a period of significant change in the European energy sector, which will affect the future direction of Slovak power energy field. Slovakia can become one of the EU countries, which in the first wave will use the potential of nuclear energy for the smooth supply of energy economy in periods of uncertain supply of fossil fuels and in times of strong political pressure to use carbon-free technologies. Nuclear power development in the new conditions has been discussed during the first day of the congress. The crisis in the power and energy occurs usually if we understand and evaluate only purely economic perspective on the functioning and development of power energy sector and in the same time we neglect strategic role of long-term stable development of the sector acting as basal and vital pillar for our society. The idea of loss of electricity, black-outs was the second theme of our meeting. Stable and secure supply of electricity is a precondition for the existence and stability of today’s society, its social order and integrity.

Dear colleagues,

I believe that the sixth annual congress contributed to discussion on the basic energy needs of society and ways to overcome the crisis and not just in energy field. Let me thank all who contributed to the preparation of the Congress. Partners and main partners, all the speakers, and the congress management, which ensured the smooth running of our meeting. At the end let me thank for your active participation and creation of informal pleasant social atmosphere. We are looking forward to meeting you on the next 7th Annual Congress EN•KO 2010 in Bratislava.

Ľuboš Tomík
EN•KO 2009 Chairman