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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me welcome all of you in the historical building of Pálfy Palace on the occasion of the 5th Annual Congress on Power and Energy ENKO 2008 “ELECTRICITY SHORTAGE IN SLOVAKIA AND EUROPE – ISSUES AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS”.

The Congress takes place in the time period when it is necessary to analyze very carefully our energy future. The price of energy, particularly of electricity will play a big role. Security and reliability of supplies as well as the energy comfort will be vital. It is
evident even now that in short term future the most important role will be played by electricity sufficiency – fulfilling of permanently growing demand. In spite of the extraordinary stress put on renewables it is clear, that the electricity shortages will not affect only Slovakia but most of Europe countries. Slovakia knows the relevancy of this threat. Number of new investments intentions and projects as well as their support from the side of the state is evidence of it.

What the energy future of Slovakia could and should be is just the matter the experienced and competent expert will speak about.

Let me shortly repeat the basic issues to be discussed during our Congress:

  • electricity shortage – we already have a shortage – when will it end?
  • energy supply security – input sources for investment and operation
  • renewables – saving energy or a dead end?

Ladies and gentlemen,
I believe that our Congress will contribute to the understanding of the present challenges to the power industry, clearly identifying the ways leading to the optimized solutions. I hope the information gained during the Congress will make possible to get the brighter view on the energy problems, solutions and goals. Finally – it is our intention.

As conclusion – let me to express my great thanks to all who have participated on ENKO 2008 realization. To Partners, Major Partners, all speakers, and last (but not least) to the team of organizers, who have prepared the Congress and arranged its fluent performance. Many thanks to all of you, who are coming to take part and share on the working and inspiring atmosphere of ENKO 2008 Congress.

Jiří Marek
ENKO 2008 Chairman