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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me welcome all of you in this historical building of Pálfy Palace on the occasion
of the 4th Annual Congress on Power and Energy “ENKO 2007 – ENERGY, ITS PRICE AND NEW
DYNAMIC FEATURES OF THE ENERGY MARKET”. Our Congress is held during the time which is
characterized by the permanently growing relevance of the energy for mankind and its future.

Visions and threats blaming human activity for the negative impact on environment are becoming a reality. Global influence on the Earth’s climate seems undisputable. It creates the new view on the world and its troubles. Power industry is becoming the sector which not only creates the benefit and value, but is becoming the part of the threats against keeping the sustainable development of the mankind. That is why there is a need to react to this challenge.

What are the substantial questions of “the 2007 energy”?
• Energy is becoming more expensive – is it possible to reverse this trend?
• Renewable resources – are they the salvation or are they only the means for increasing the cost of energy?
• Savings – are they the real remedy and are they able to solve the fundamental issue of self-sufficiency in energy supply?
• When are we likely to reach the saturation point in energy consumption, or have we already crossed this line?
On other hand – energy consumption and its price increase. Who will win and what will influence it?

This basic question is asked by everybody who has anything to do with the energy. The question becomes the motive for the speculation, analysis and investigation. At the Congress the experienced and competent speakers will present their views and solutions to the problem.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I believe that our Congress will contribute to the discussion on the role of the power industry in the present society and also, its importance and its limits. I hope the information gained during the Congress will make it possible for you to get a clearer view of the energy problems, solutions and goals. After all – it is our intention.

In conclusion – let me to express my great thanks to all those who have participated on ENKO 2007 realization. To the Partners, the Major artners, all the speakers, and last (but not least) to the team of organizers, who have prepared the Congress and are arranging its smooth performance. Many thanks to all of you, who are going to take part and share in the working and inspiring atmosphere of ENKO 2007 Congress.

Jiří Marek
ENKO 2007 Chairman