Risk-assessment and crisis situation management exercises based on the recommendations of the Good Practices Guide on NNCEIP


Risk-assessment and crisis situation management exercises based on the recommendations of the Good Practices Guide on NNCEIP

12-13 September 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia

Day 1 – 12 September 2017

08.30 Arrival & registration of participants

09.00 Opening Address by the national representative Address by Mr. Koen De Smedt, Action against Terrorism Unit of the Transnational Threats Department, OSCE Secretariat (5 min.)

09.15 Introduction Objectives and outline of the exercise, expected outputs & outcomes and possible follow-up

09.30 Module 1 Critical Energy Infrastructure and its vulnerability to cyber-attacks National responses to cyber-attacks: National presentation (20 min.) International responses and the OSCE guide on NNCEIP

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Module 2 Joint discussion of perceived or actual threats and risks Preparedness assessment The human factor

13.00 Lunch Break

14.00 Module 3 Presentation of the “crisis situation” scenario

14.30 Module 4 Resolving the case 15.30 Coffee Break 16.00 Module 4 Continuation of Module 4

17.00 End of Day One

Day 2 – 13 September 2017 (half day)

09.00 Module 4 Continuation of Module 4

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Module5 Lessons learned

          Module6 Analysis and assessment

         Module7   Conclusions & Recommendations

13.00 Lunch – End of exercise

Program of the conference:

New challenges for energy security in recent condition and development of the security situation in the EU and in the world“

September 13, 2017 – Bratislava, Pálffy Palace, Zámocká street

14:00 Conference opening , Katarína Žáková, director of OSCE Chairmanship Department

14:15 section I.
Presentations of the key players on „Current status and challenges in the field of protection of critical energy infrastructure” :

•  “An OSCE approach to Protecting Critical Energy Infrastructure”,
Daniel Kroos, Senior Programme Officer, OSCE
•  Principles of safety and crisis management in the energy sector“,
Tibor Compál, Representative of the Ministry of Economy
• „Amendment by Act No 45/2011 Coll. on critical infrastructure“,
Peter Petrovič, Representative of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
•  „Staff training for Power energy field“,
Ruben Vidlička, director, NPP Personnel Training Centre VUJE
•  Redundant back-up power supply – Basic assumption of handling the crisis situation,
Tibor Ciller, director, Applipower
• How to defend from APT,
Jiří Vaněk, senior security consultant, Unicorn

16:00 Sessions Chairman´s summary, short moderated discussion

16:10 coffee break

16:20 section II.
• Project „Energy polygon (training facility for critical energy infrastructure)“, Ľubomír Tomík
• Round table on the topic (moderated by prof. Zdeněk Dvořák):
„The current needs and solutions to enhance the resilience of critical energy infrastructure”,
representatives of the market key players (SEPS, OSCE, Unicorn, the Ministry of Economy, the
Ministry of Interior, NBÚ, University of Žilina, etc.)

17.00 Raut event organized by CESys and Erasmus

Program conference final 13 9,pdf

Preliminary Agenda OSCE Bratislava 12-13 September