Advanced PWR Nuclear Technology

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Advanced PWR Nuclear Technology

A Training Course for Prospective Nuclear Professionals, Piestany Spa, SlovakiaDescription:Advanced PWR Nuclear technology is a ten-day course especially designed to motivate experts to the nuclear field, who may have diverse backgrounds The course comprises motivating lectures, group discussions and exercises, invited presentations, advanced PWR demo simulator, nuclear plant tour, and opportunities to dialog with experienced nuclear experts and industry staff.Set within a systematic framework, each lesson has well-defined learning objectives. Participants are introduced to nuclear concepts, principles and processes essential to the basic understanding of nuclear power plant operation and safety. They become familiar with a framework for understanding nuclear safety management and regulatory functions. This provides the basis to learn about nuclear safety design requirements, safety analysis methods, operational safety controls, regulatory licensing basis, and methods of safety assessment to achieve performance improvement. The course provides frequent reference to accepted standards, particularly the nuclear safety standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency.The mix of lectures and invited presentations from regulatory and industry representatives provides participants a balanced perspective on nuclear safety.Course Objectives:

  • To introduce advanced PWR Nuclear technology, new plant safety, to professional staff members of state and industry organizations.
  • To motivate interested individuals with diverse educational backgrounds to make an informed choice regarding nuclear safety.
  • To provide a basic understanding of up-to-date advanced PWR nuclear technology that serves as a gateway to further training.
  • To assist nuclear state and industry organizations develop a cadre of knowledgeable staff who can appreciate the significance of various nuclear technologies and evaluate functions.

Key Topics:Basic nuclear concepts and power generation in Advanced PWR

  • Nuclear plant safety principles, criteria, and systems
  • Deterministic and probabilistic safety analysis
  • PWR demo simulator
  • Nuclear safety culture, management
  • Overview of nuclear plants and safety
  • Generation III plus designs, concepts

Language: EnglishLecturers:Andrew Teller, AREVA GroupKarl Goetz, TÜV SÜDZoltan Kovac, RELKOStefan Mikula, CORYS Tessand others…