2012 ENKO 9th (24–25 April)

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9th Slovak Annual Congress on Power and Energy EN•KO 2012

“SCHIZOPHRENIA OF THE EUROPEAN ENERGY SECTOR – RENEWABLES, NUCLEAR POWER, SMART GRIDS … – CONFLICT OR PARTNERSHIP?”will take place at the Palfy Palace in Bratislava onApril, 24 – 25, 2012REGISTRATION FORMDuring the Congress, the best of highly recognized speakers will focus on important and sensitive topics of the present energy discussion in Slovakia including the European context. The program is divided into six sessions:

  • European energy legislation – emissions allowances and carbon tax; distribution and new concepts of energy markets; smart grids – solution for everyone – producers and customers
  • black-out in the Central Europe – fiction or a real threat – how to prevent increased electricity flows, and how to enhance the security of electricity supply – presentations and panel discussion of the high representatives of the national transmission grid operators from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland
  • risks and benefits of the various energy strategies – the presence and the future – conflict or partnership? – presentations and panel discussion of experts from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria
  • renewables – potentials and limitations, smart solutions
  • competitiveness of the district heat supply, environmental taxes, new sources of heat production – will nuclear heating plants find their use?
  • new nuclear source in Slovakia in the view of the European energy future – nuclear energy versus “ideological” energy

Within the frame of the evening social event organized at the end of the Tuesday’s program a ceremony will take place during which the ENKO award for the life time contribution to the field of energy will be handed over to the first Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic Mr. J. Mišák.Dear all let us motivate you to add EN•KO 2012 to your work schedule already today. Please, check for updates of our website; the printed invitation form will be distributed in March as well.We are looking forward to meeting you at the Palfy Palace on the occasion of the 9th Annual Slovak Congress ENKO 2012 .With best regards,

Ľuboš Tomík
EN•KO 2012 Chairman

Jiří Marek
EN•KO 2012 Vice-Chairman

Drahomíra Polakovičová
EN•KO 20121 Congress Manager

more information: www.jmm.cz • www.erasmus-info.sk • www.cesys.skREGISTRATION FORM