Today trends in society and regulatory bodies as /IAEA, EU, MHSR, URSO,UJD SR, MZSR,../ creating strong need:

  • Develop and applied integrated safety management system for organization
  • Focusing on pro active measures to protect:
    • employees
    • community
    • environment

SAPEMS  basic concept and principles

  • Safety and reliability is solved by integration to one system
  • Complex safety and transparency in company process
  • Empowered discipline in structure of organization and systematic approach towards continual improvement and corrective actions
  • Proactive approach and friendly monitoring system monitoringu
  • Digital  system  on line and data batch processing

Advatages of  SAPEMS

  • Hybrid system :
    • near miss related to  technology
    • near miss related to Safety and Security
  • Electronic data collection- no paper<
  • Effective and efficient process management
  • Detailed and any time last status information about corrective measures implementation
  • Assessment of implemented corrective measures, trends,
  • Stronger discipline and empowered workers
  • But most important lower number of incidents-safety related events & higher reliability of operating technology